Atomic scale coherent manipulation of the electron spin in semiconductors

PI: Fabian Cadiz, Professor, Ecole polytechnique


OneSPIN is a project funded by the European research council (ERC Starting Grant 2022). It lies at the junction of two active fields which are the engineering of optically-active point defects and the development of new local probe techniques. In this project we propose to coherently probe single electronic spins localized at point-centres in 2D semiconductors and to engineer their atomic environment. To achieve this ambitious goal, we will develop a novel approach based on a unique scanning tunneling microscopy technique which allows for the engineering, excitation and optical detection of single spin resonance. This approch provides a solution to the current lack of tools capable of simultaneously recording the atomic and electronic structure of defects, their optoelectronic response, and the coherence properties of their spins. The start date is January 1st, 2024 for a total duration of 5 years.

  • About the Principal Investigator : Fabian Cadiz is Professor at Ecole Polytechnique (IP Paris). He carried out his Ph.D. at the Laboratory of Condensed Matter Physics (Ecole Polytechnique/CNRS), and was awarded the École Polytechnique Thesis Award (2016). He then conducted a two year post-doc at Xavier Marie's group at LPCNO (Paul Sabatier University/INSA/CNRS). Since 2017, he has been building up a new research activity at IP Paris that explores the physics of novel 2D materials at the the Electrons Photons Surfaces Group . To develop this new activity, Fabian Cadiz was awarded a Young Researcher Grant from the French National Research Agency for the SpinCAT project (ANR Young researcher Grant, 2018-2023). His work has led to major contributions in the fields of spin physics in semiconductors, with the publication of articles in scientific journals such as Physical Review Letters, Nature communications, Nano Letters, and 2D materials. For a full list of publications, click here.

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2D materials team

The OneSPIN project will be guided by the P.I. with the support of the 2D materials activity of PMC. Below is a list of people involved in this topic.


Fabian CADIZ , Professeur at Ecole polytechnique

Fausto SIROTTI , CNRS researcher

Alistair ROWE , CNRS researcher

Natalia ALYABYEVA , CNRS research engineer


Leonard SCHUE , Postdoc at Ecole polytechnique

Gyeongjun LEE , 1st year Ph.D. candidate at Ecole polytechnique


Sangjun PARK , Ph.D. (2019-2022)

Mahima SRIVASTAVA , Bachelor of Ecole polytechnique, Intern (2023)

Magdalena JANKOWSKA , Bachelor of Ecole polytechnique, Intern (2024)


In 2017 Fabian brought a new research activity to Ecole Polytechnique: the study of the optical properties of excitons in novel 2D semiconductors such as MoS2, MoSe2,WSe2, and WS2. Soon after joining the PMC lab, Fabian mounted a setup to mechanically exfoliate van der Waals crystals and determiniscally transfer single layers into any kind of substrate and in a well controlled atmosphere. To obtain high quality samples, 2D layers are encapsulated with very thin hexagonal boron nitride flakes. These materials are then studied with a hyperspectral microscopy experiment that works with polarized light at low temperatures. By exploiting the optical selection rules, this experiment allows to explore charge, spin and valley dynamics in a variety of semiconductors at the micron scale. This new activity has received financial support through the ANR Grant SpinCAT (2018-2022), and the first PhD thesis at Polytechnique on this subject was that of Sangjun Park (2018-2022). Here is a list of the equipment that currently exists at the EPS group that will be relevant for OneSPIN.

Open positions

Laboratoire de Physique de la Matière Condensée, Ecole Polytechnique, France

Post-doc and Ph.D. positions

The OneSPIN project will fund:

- 2 Ph.D. contracts (1st between October 2024-September 2027, 2nd between October 2025-September 2028)

- Up to 2 years of postdoc (Phd in a field related to semiconductor physics required)

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